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Monday, December 14, 2009

Volume and volume of regular objects

The volume of an object is the space that the object occupies.

It is a scalar quantity and its SI unit is the cubic metre (m3)

The unit for the volume of object can also be derived from any other unit for length such as the cubic centimetre, cubic kilometre, etc

We are now going to see how the volume of an object is determined.  The method to determine the volume of the object depends on the nature of the object as shown below.


Volume of regular objects

Regular objects are those that have a plane of symmetry. It simply mean that if the object is cut along the plane of symmetry then the two parts will be similar to each other with the same volume.

The volume of regular objects is determined by measuring the dimensions of the object and finally using using an equation. The following are different regular objects and the equations used.






Volume = length * length * length

            = L3

Since all the sides of the cuboid are of equal length.   




since r = d/2 then



As you can see all regular objects are determined by measuring the dimensions and then using equations to determine the volume. I would try with time to add as much of regular objects and their equations. If you require the equation for any regular shape then leave message in the comments below.

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